How one can Clear a Pool Filter (Sand, DE, or Cartridge)

Dirty pool filter cartridge held over splashes coming from a swimming pool


True to its identify, a pool filter catches and removes grime, oils, and different particles out of the pool water. Nevertheless, these contaminants regularly construct up in pool filters, decreasing their effectiveness if left uncleaned. Failing to wash a pool filter for prolonged intervals can result in algae progress and cloudy pool water, and a few pool filtration programs may even be completely broken because of operating with {a partially} blocked filter.

For these causes, it’s crucial to wash pool filter cartridges, sand filters, and DE filters recurrently. Armed with the information of how you can clear a pool filter, although, you’ll don’t have any troubles with correctly sustaining your pool all through the swimming season.

Varieties of Pool Filters

White and orange pool sand filter system next to an above-ground pool


Earlier than delving into how you can clear a pool filter, first determine which kind of pool filter your pool makes use of. There are three foremost sorts of pool filters: cartridge filters, sand filters, and DE filters.

1. Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are typically utilized in smaller above-ground swimming pools. Such a pool filter is designed to be eliminated, permitting built-up particles to be simply rinsed away and, for a extra thorough cleansing, the filter to be soaked in a single day. These could be cleaned with store-bought pool cartridge filter cleaners or DIY family cleaners, like a vinegar or dish cleaning soap resolution.

2. Sand Filter

Sand filters are the most typical possibility for a residential inground pool. When pool water is compelled by means of the sand (which is contained in a potbelly-shaped tank), grime, oils, and different contaminants change into caught between the positive sand particles. You should utilize retail pool filter cleaners to assist break down minerals and oils trapped within the sand filter for a radical cleansing.

3. DE Filter

Studying how you can clear a DE pool filter is comparatively easy, although barely extra advanced than the method for how you can clear a sand pool filter. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters usually have a cylindrical form with a stainless-steel physique. As an alternative of sand, DE filters use diatomaceous earth as a positive filtration medium for trapping pool contaminants. Nevertheless, to maintain this filter functioning correctly, it’s essential to recurrently top-up the DE powder.

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How one can Clear Pool Filter Cartridges

Hand holding a clean pool filter cartridge over an above-ground swimming pool


In case your pool’s filtration system has a cartridge filter, then observe these steps on how you can clear a pool filter cartridge to maintain the water clear and clear.

– Backyard hose
– Pool filter cleaner
– Bucket

STEP 1: Flip off the pump and depressurize the filter tank.

When cleansing a pool filter cartridge, first flip off the pool pump. If the pump runs on a timer, unplug the pump so it stays off till the job is full. Subsequent, depressurize the filter tank by turning the air aid valve on prime of the filter to regularly take away extra air from the system.

STEP 2: Take away the filter and examine it.

The filter cartridge can be secured with clamps or an identical latching mechanism. Test the surface of the pool filter to search out these clamps, then unlatch the clamps to open the filter. In case you are unsure how you can open the filter, test the proprietor’s handbook for product-specific instructions. After opening the filter, take away the highest and thoroughly take out the cartridge.

Whereas cleansing can lengthen the lifetime of the filter, there’ll nonetheless come a time when the cartridge wants alternative. Take this chance to examine the cartridge for any cracks, tears, or important indicators of wear and tear that might point out that it’s time to put in a brand new filter cartridge.

STEP 3: Clear the cartridge filter.

If the filter is simply evenly dirty, you should use a backyard hose with a twig nozzle to rinse away any collected particles. If the filter is considerably soiled, then one of the best ways to wash the cartridge is with a pool filter cleansing resolution.

You’ll be able to apply the cleansing resolution on to the filter in keeping with the producer’s instructions for a fast scrub, or combine the filter cleansing resolution with water and soak the filter in a single day in a big bucket to take away stuck-on grime, grime, and different contaminants. It’s also possible to combine water with vinegar or dish cleaning soap to make a easy cleansing resolution. Be aware that it isn’t beneficial to wash a pool filter cartridge with chlorine or bleach, as doing so can speed up the filter’s deterioration.

STEP 4: Reinstall the cartridge filter.

Rinse the cartridge to take away any cleansing resolution or unfastened particles, then return the cartridge to the filter housing. Put the filter prime again on and shut the clamps to safe the filter. Open the air aid valve and switch the pump again on. Preserve the air aid valve open till you see a gentle stream of water spraying from it, then shut the valve. Full this job by checking the strain gauge to make sure that the pool is now working inside the regular filter strain vary.

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How one can Clear Sand and DE Pool Filters

Over-the-shoulder view of man setting up blue pool sand filter outdoors


As with cartridge filters, pool filter cleansing is important to maintain most inground swimming pools’ filtration programs functioning. Observe these steps to wash a sand or DE pool filter correctly.

– Backwash hose
– Pool filter cleaner
– Bucket
– Backyard hose
– DE powder

STEP 1: Backwash the filtration system.

Sand and DE filtration programs have a backwash function that makes it simple to wash the filter. Test the highest of the multi-port valve to search out the “backwash” setting. (This port must also have “rinse” and “filter” settings.) Flip the pump off, then transfer the deal with on the multi-port valve to the “backwash” setting.

Join the backwash hose and run it to a protected drainage location. The backwashing course of forces water by means of the filter with a purpose to take away contaminants from the filtration system. With the multi-port on the “backwash” setting, flip the pump again on and permit it to run for about 1 to 2 minutes, or till the water popping out of the backwash hose runs clear. When the water is obvious, flip off the pump.

STEP 2: Clear the filter.

Backwashing the system is normally adequate for a primary cleansing, nevertheless it might not be sufficient for overly soiled filtration programs. For a extra thorough cleansing of a sand filter, take away the strainer lid on the pump, and pour a sand filter cleansing resolution into the strainer basket. Flip the pump on for about 15 to 30 seconds, permitting the cleansing resolution to switch from the pump into the filter, then flip the pump off and go away it to soak in a single day.

In case you have a DE filter, then take away the clamps or different latching mechanisms to open the filter. Take out the filter manifold and all grids or fingers. Place these items of the filter in a bucket with a diluted cleansing resolution, then let the DE filter parts soak in a single day to take away built-up grime, oils, and dirt.

STEP 3: Rinse away cleansing resolution and particles.

After cleansing the pool filter, it’s vital to rinse the cleansing resolution earlier than resuming common operate. For a sand filter, merely set the multi-port valve to “rinse,” then flip the pump again on and permit the system to rinse the tank for a few minute. Flip the pump off and set the multi-port valve to “backwash” earlier than turning the pump again on to backwash the system for about 1 to 2 minutes. Flip the pump off after backwashing is full.

Use a backyard hose outfitted with a twig nozzle to rinse the parts of a DE filter earlier than placing them again. You’ll be able to take it a step additional by setting the multi-port to “rinse” after which turning the pump on to rinse the prevailing DE filtration medium. After rinsing, flip the pump off and set the multi-port to “backwash,” flip the pump on, and let the system backwash for 1 to 2 minutes earlier than turning the pump off once more.

STEP 4: Add DE powder (optionally available).

The sand in a sand filter solely must be changed about as soon as each three to 5 years, however you probably have a DE filter, then it’s essential to maintain the DE powder topped up. After cleansing the filter, add diatomaceous earth powder by pouring it into the skimmer. The powder dissolves within the pipe on the best way to the filter, the place it coats the filtration grids and provides an additional layer of filtration to the system. Observe the instructions supplied by the producer to find out how a lot DE powder so as to add.

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How Typically to Exchange Pool Filters

Side view of a new filter cartridge being installed into a small above-ground pool filter


Even in case you maintain updated with all needed upkeep, the pool filter will must be changed in some unspecified time in the future. The frequency with which the pool filter must be changed varies relying on the kind of filter. Pool homeowners that use cartridge filters might want to substitute the cartridge filter about as soon as each two to 3 years. In terms of sand and DE filters, the pool proprietor solely wants to exchange the filtration medium.

Pool filter sand ought to typically be drained and totally changed about as soon as each three to 5 years, whereas DE filters ought to be topped up with DE powder each time the filter is cleaned. If the cartridge or filtration medium are usually not changed, it might result in a lack of filtration effectivity, no matter the kind of filtration system.

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